Lazioland Forum is a fansite made by Laziali for Laziali.
Our community is mainly created for you, a Laziale, that’s far away from Rome
and wants to share your passion with supporters in the same situation.
We’re no journalists or employees, just Laziali doing this on our spare time.
It all started with Laziomania, progressed with Lazioworld and finally became Laziofever.
The names may be different but the result has always been the same:
foreign Laziali have been able to see Rome and SS Lazio from a closer perspective.
Now it’s up to us to bring that tradition forward.
A great honor, but also a big challenge and a huge responsibility.
It’s due to big sacrifices from great Laziali (you know who you are) that
exists and has been able to organize special meetings, gain recognition in Italian media
and start a co-operation with SS Lazio for the project Laziostyle.
This website will help us to keep that status.
But we need your help.
We depend on you to participate and speak your mind.
SS Lazio depends on you to participate and speak your mind.
So please join us in the forum and
take advantage of our unique contacts and great possibilities.
And remember:
One Symbol, One Colour, One Flag.
 /The Lazioland-team
Read more about our history and future projects in the the forum.


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